The Maui B&B Guide!

Find the Best Bed and Breakfasts in Upcountry Maui!

The Maui B&B Guide!

Find Your Dream Vacation in Paradise
with the Maui Bed and Breakfast Guide!

Maui perfectly fits most people's idea of Paradise. Sunny beaches. Tropical forests. Flowers and waterfalls. Mountains and waves. The land of Aloha in Hawaii.

Bed & Breakfast Inns, Vacation Rental Cottages and Homes,

are one of the best options when it comes to a relaxing and memorable vacation experience. The Maui B&B Guide is the best place to find a fully licensed and inspected BnB that you can be assured will provide you the very best accommodations for your vacation.

This directory is divided into 6 sections.Click below to go directly to the Inns in that region.

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Maui has Bed and Breakfast Inns, as well as Vacation Rentals. In reality the average traveler will find little difference between a BnB and a Vacation Rental. Aside from the free breakfast in the morning, both types of Inns are usually simple, small family businesses managed by the owners (legally a B&B must have a live-in manager, while the Vacation Rentals are not so restricted) providing the care and intimacy that simply cannot be found in the large hotels and resorts. Choosing alternative lodging for your vacation will surely add to the quality of your holiday and the memories that you will cherish for years to come.

Lahaina & West Maui

Lahaina <> Ka'anapali <> Kapalua

The beaches in West Maui range from rocky to spectacular. Oluwalu area beaches are popular for a variety of reasons, though long soft white sandy beaches is not one of them. The location is great though, in that, if you stay on this side, there are miles of beaches on your way out and then again on the way back. And, as you can drive right up to the beach at many of them, it is an easy place to take in another quick swim on your way.

Out beyond Lahaina there are many gorgeous soft, white sand beaches, though some of the best are difficult to access as they are in front of a resort. Still, sometimes even with easy public access, you will find many coves and beaches along the way to Kapalua where Fleming Beach Park is certainly worth a stop. You should be informed that all of the beaches on Maui are public no matter which resort is behind it. Beyond Kapalua is the Nakalele Blowhole. (above)

Kihei & Maui's Long South Shore

Kihei <> Wailea <> Ma'alaea <> Makena

The South Shore of Maui all the way from Ma'alaea to Makena is one very long strip of beach broken, now and then, by rocky strands that extend out into the warm and gentle waves that caress this side of the island. Bounded by Kahoolawe and Lanai Islands this piece of the Pacific behaves like a small sea. Humpback whales loves this area and use it as their birthing grounds and nursery.

Kahului & Maui's Central Valley Area

Kahului <> Paia <> Wailuku

The airport in Kahului is most likely your first experience of the island followed by the hustle bustle of renting a car and then dashing off to your accommodations. We do understand that after a long trip in getting here, the thought of a shower and a nice room with AC is so very tempting. However, there are some easy to get to treats that will really enhance your first day on Maui. There is a nice beach park (Kanaha) a half mile from the airport for one thing. While you "decompress" from the long trip over at Kanaha, make a list of the things your know you are going to need but didn't bring (that 50# limit on bags  is hard to live with). Right close by the airport is Costco, K-mart and Walmart. And, if hunger is the loudest voice in the rental car, there are some economical eateries right close by too.
As of this writing there are no B&Bs in Kahului though Wailuku has a few. However out in Paia, and before that in Spreckelsville, you will find many with some right on the ocean.

Haiku & Maui's Varied North Shore

Pauwela <> Haiku <> Huelo

While Maui's legendary "North Shore" officially stretches in a vast curve from Waihee in the North-West around through Kahului, into the sugar cane fields past the airport, to Spreklesville, Paia and beyond into Haiku and Pauwela (think 'Jaws"), the beaches near Kahului and Paia are covered in the Central Maui region. The rocky areas past Ho-okipa are categorized as the North Coast region and have a great deal of wild and open areas with a wet climate that contributes to the lush green jungle found wherever it doesn't get cut down. There is a certain appeal to the ocean here and for the more experienced divers and fishermen, great times can be found here. This is not the place to look for that idyllic sandy beach with palm trees however. This type of coastline continues all the way to Hana though there are occasional coves where swimming is acceptable; though unless you really value isolation, the beach here is usually just not worth the effort of getting to it. Most of Haiku, Huelo and beyond is very lush jungle, streams, and some grass lands. A favorite place to live for many, the climate is almost always damp though the temperatures are ideal here.

Makawao & Maui's UpCountry

Makawao <> Pukalani <> Kula

Maliko Gulch, and Baldwin Ave. which parallels it for the most part, is a clear geographical delineation between Rainy Haiku and the much drier Pukalani areas. Makawao Ave and Kula Hwy, also quite clearly follow the division between dry Pukalani and the green grassy meadows of Kula. If you are here in April, you simply MUST put a drive out to Ulupalakua high on your list. The purple flowering Jacaranda trees, lush green grassy hills and breath-taking non-stop scenery demands it!

Hana & the East Side

Hana <> Kipahulu <> 7 Sacred Pools

Maui's East side is Maui's hidden side. Protected by miles of steep cliffs and twisting roads you can't help but feel that you have slipped back in time to the slow moving land of old Hawaii.

Beware the Dragons!

There is more to Maui than a Tropical Vacation.
While visiting us there are quite a few things which your vacation will benefit from your knowing about. Our insects for one example. Take a look.

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The Rhythm of Maui Life!

Lots of good happenings on the Island. You'll enjoy getting your feet wet with the locals.
maui life events

There are many great BnBs around Maui.
If you know of one or recommend a shop, artist or activity which you think should be listed here listed here, write and share it with us so we can help travelers have a better experience.