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Guide to Kihei Vacation Rentals, South Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns, Kihei

The Maui B&B Guide!

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The South Shore of Maui perfectly fits most people's idea of Paradise. Sandy and Sunny beaches. Coral reefs. Whales and Dolphins. Snorkeling and Surfing. The land of Aloha Sun and Fun. Maui.

Map of Maui's South Shore

Bed & Breakfast Inns, and Vacation Rentals,
on Maui's Sunny South Shore

Makena, Wailea and Kihei are all along the sunny southern coast of Maui. Fitting many tropical ideals with a hot climate and sunny beaches. From the economical Kihei to the lush parks of upscale Wailea on out through the wilder lands of Makena to La Purouse Bay. The land of Aloha. Maui.

Vacation Rentals and B&Bs are surely the best options when it comes to a relaxing and memorable vacation experience. This Rental Directory of Maui is the best place to find a fully licensed holiday rental that you can be assured will provide you the very best accommodation for your vacation.

Each region has Bed and Breakfast Inns, as well as Vacation Rentals though, clearly, Kihei is where you'll find most of them. In reality the average traveler will find little difference between a B&B and a Vacation Rental. Generally it is not important to most of us but if the free breakfast in the morning or staying in an Inn where the manager is also living there is high on your list then both are usually simple, small family businesses providing the care and intimacy that simply cannot be found in the large hotels and resorts. Choosing alternative lodging for your vacation will surely add to the quality of your holiday and the memories that you will cherish for years to come.

Maui's Sunny, Sandy South Shore
Ma'alaea | Kihei | Wailea | Makena

Maui's Sunny South Shore

Kihei to Ma'alaea

On the South Eastern side of Maui, with fabulous views of Kahoolawe, Molokini and Lanai, are the long, white, sandy beaches. The slow, warm and gentle waters with usually easy waves.
A great many of Maui's year-round residents live in the Kihei area with good reason. You will also find a wide variety of BnBs tucked away usually in residential neighborhoods. Nice!

Wailea | Makena | La-Peruse Bay

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve and La-Peruse Bay

The road along the South Eastern side of Maui, brings you past the grand and fantastic resorts of Wailea and ends, 13 miles later at Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve and La-Peruse Bay. The winding beach road through Kihei and along past Wailea and Makena, you will see one fabulous resort after another until you get out to "Big Beach" after which there are only a few scattered private residences. After Big Beach you drive through some relatively recent lava flows on a narrow road which you might (I know I do anyway) assume that it was built before there were bulldozers. If you are totally into Maui snorkeling, or if you have an extended stay on the island, then getting out here should be fairly high on your list. One reason is that it is usually pretty quiet and, if you elect to walk along the beach or maybe even across the further lava flow, this area is one of the easier places to imagine Hawaiian life before Captain Cook's fateful discovery.

Maui's Sunny South Shore

Kihei | Wailea | Makena
Vacationer's Paradise!

Bed & Breakfast Inn
Updated August 2018
Hale Komo Mai 1539 Halama St.Kihei
Maui Magic 3056 Akala DrKihei
Ocean Breeze Hideaway 435 Kalalau PlKihei
Wonderful World 2828 Umalu Pl.Kihei
Dreams Come True 3259 Akala Dr.Kihei
Hale Huanani B&b 808 Kupulau DrKihei
Eva Villa 815 Kumulani Dr.Kihei
Pineapple Inn Maui 3170 Akala Dr.Kihei
Aloha Aku Inn 1390 S Kihei Rd.Kihei
Auntie Kali's Cottage 530 Kumulani Dr.Kihei
Dancing Turtle 32 Honuea StKihei
Halama Dolphin House 1678 Haln Bama St.Kihei
Hale Manu Mele
3230 Kehala Dr.Kihei
Maui Hale Olina 631 Kumulani DrKihei
Maui Ocean Palms 1136 Kupulau DrKihei
Nani Pulelehua B&B 3535 Malina Pl.Kihei
Rainbow Deluxe
460 Holala Dr.Kihei
Sojourn Maui 3360 Kuaua PlKihei
Kihei's Garden Oasis1825 Malama StKihei
Kihei Oasis 482 a Kaiola PlKihei
Makena Cottage 5232 Makena RdKihei
Yonegan Ohana2169 Aluna Pl.Kihei
Maui Meadows3201 Akala DrKihei
Bird of Paradise 1148 kupulau Dr.Kihei
Malama Ohana 151 Hoano Pl. Kihei
Hideaway N Paradize 3416 Kehala Dr Kihei
Maui Garden Cottage
117 Auhana Rd. Kihei
Maui Oceanfront Rentals
1710 Halama St. Kihei
South Maui Hideaway 442 Kupulau Dr Kihei
Maui Joy Villa 620 Kumulani Dr Kihei
A Piece of Paradise 201 Hoopili Akau St Kihei
Hibiscus Hideaway 11 Waikalani Hema Pl Kihei
Hale Halama B&b 1514 Halama St Kihei
Skypoint 3187 Nahenahe Pl Kihei
Victorian Villa 452 Kupulau Dr. Kihei
Under the Warm Sun 3134 Hoomua Dr. Kihei
Makamae B & B 3132 Makamae Pl Kihei
Stewart Norrie 3480 Malina Pl. Kihei
Maui Beach Bungalow
1773 Halama St. Kihei
Maui Meadows Retreat
1773 Halama St. Kihei

Vacation Rental Homes.
An ideal family option for Alternative Lodging in Kihei, Maui.

Rental Home
Bliss Beach House 1551 N Alaniu Pl Kihei
Cajudoy's Hale 40 Halelani Pl Kihei
Hale Alana 3378 Keha Kihei
Maui House 4 Rent 293 Alaume StKihei
Lu'uwai Vacation Rental (TVR)5100 Makena RdKihei
Mango Cottage45 Kilohana DrKihei
Shambala120 Kaimanu PlKihei
Maui Beach Cottage174 Makena RdKihei
South Maui Estate (Sloane Residence)736 Mililani PlKihei
Sunny Surf3082 S Kihei RdKihei
Hale Luana 65 Alahele PlKihei
Makena Makai 5260 Makena RdKihei
Maui Dolphin House 3365 Akala DrKihei
Sunny South Maui 563 Kaleo PlKihei
Sapphire Seas Beach 1498 Halama St Kihei
Hale Makena 5110 Makena Rd Kihei
Moana Hideaway 1484 Halama St Kihei
Hale Leilani 30 Kaikane Pl Kihei
Nani Alii Cottages 260 S Kihei RdKihei
Makena Kai 7421 Makena RdKihei
Hale Ma Ke Kai 209 S Kihei RdKihei
Kapu Beachfront 69 Kapu PlKihei
Kakie's Hale 55 Alahele Pl.Kihei
Pedersen and Clark 1250 Uluniu Rd Kihei
Mango Surf 1490 Halama St. Kihei
Honu Hale 1667 S. Alaniu Pl. Kihei
Halama Sunset Hale 1590 Halama StKihei
Hale La'i 152 Iliwai LpKihei
Cloud Nine Beach House 206 Mahie PlKihei
Tommy's Ocean View 235 Hoohale Pl Kihei
Don and Joy's Place 1114 S. Kihei RdKihei
Hale Makai 20 Kaikane PlKihei
South Kihei Villa 2608 Lioholo Pl Kihei
Hale Lanui 1821 Halama St Kihei
Hoaloha Hale 1505 Halama St Kihei

There are many great B&Bs around UpCountry Maui.
If you know of one you think should be listed here listed here, or spot an obvious error, write and share it with us so we can help travelers have a better experience.