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Kula and Makawao in UpCountry Maui!

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Guide to Up-Country Maui Vacation Rentals, Up-Country Bed and Breakfast Inns

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On the west and north slopes of Haleakala Mountain is the breath-taking area known as "UpCountry Maui".

As many Maui residents know, the up country area is really the most comfortable part of the island to live in. Surrounded by vast areas of rolling grass covered hills, forests and jungles. Mellow and laid back, upcountry Maui may well be the best place to relax and recuperate and begins just 20 minutes from downtown Kahului.

I don't believe it is fair to imply that Maui's Upcountry even nears a typical tropical island fantasy. Sure there are palm trees scattered about, but I think it stops there. Upcountry is the ideal you discover has existed all the time, but had no idea how ideal it is until after you live here. Here is the biggest clue; as you drive about up here you may notice that none of the houses have AC units, nor heating, most probably don't even have any insulation (I am guessing to be honest). While this may indicate a general sense of madness it may also indicate that the weather is Just Plain Fantastic! The views are so stunning, yet so pervasive, that one's mind can hardly digest the continually changing artscape which surrounds you.

Okay, I already get it. Sand, crowds, waves and too much sun are what Hawaii is all about, right? Well, no, there is more to Maui than I will ever understand. It is vast with many faces to share. For me, I strongly prefer to avoid the tourist crowds, avoid any more sun, avoid all that heat and anxiety. I like weather that ranges from perfectly cool in the evenings, to perfectly hot in the day. I love viewscapes that are always there whenever I have a minute to sit and enjoy. I love friendly people, who have a few more minutes than the bustling residents of the lowlands. On the other hand, and this is just so clearly true, Maui's Up Country is not for everyone though it may be just the place for you.

Maui's Up-Country

Maui's Breath-Taking Up Country

Upcountry Maui
A Vacation Adventurer's Paradise!

Bed & Breakfast Rentals
Maui's Best Secret - Upcountry
Makawao, Pukalani, Kula

Updated August 2018
Bed & Breakfast Inn
Hale Ho'okipa Inn 32 Pakani PlMakawao
Keokea Ranch Estate 337 Kealakapu RdKula (808) 870-4252
Kula Treat226 Kulalani Dr Kula
Aloha Cottage1875 Olinda Rd Makawao
God's Peace of Maui1290 HaliiMaile Rd. HaliiMaile
Hale Kiana 112 Mano DrKula
G & Z Upcountry 60 Kekaulike AveKula
Hale Aku B&B 2704 Ililani WayPukalani
Hale Sweet Hale 800 Kekaulike AveKula
Ho'omana B & B 1550 Piiholo RdMakawao
Kula 4200 592 Hapapa RdKula
Maliko Coffee Cottage 592 Hapapa RdKula
North Shore Lookout 121 Kahakapao RdMakawao
Kula Jewel/Pam Pollard 214 Kulalani DrKula
Shaloha 68 Ka DrKula
UpCountry B&B 4925 Lower Kula RdKula
Hale Kalani 505 Kamehameiki Rd Kula
Jewel of Keokea16 Hookano PlKula
Rainbow Bridge 1274 Olinda Rd Makawao
Kula Jasmine 808 Polipoli Rd Kula
Log Cabin Malu Manu 446 Cookie Rd Kula
Paradise Makani 254 Kapuahi St Makawao

Vacation Rentals
Ideal Alternative Lodging in Makawao, Kula and Ulupalakua

Updated August 2018
Vacation Rental
Upcountry B&B in MakawaoBanyan Tree
House Retreat
bed and breakfast in Makawao
3265 Baldwin AveMakawao
Maui Upcountry Home 110 Apau PlMakawao
O W Ranch (TVR) UlupalakuaUlupalakua
Star Lookout (TVR) 622 Thompson RdKula
Haleakala Princess 1445 Lower Kimo Dr Kula
Island Sunset Villa 676 Holopuni Rd Kula
Kula Villa 444 Calasa Rd Kula
Kilohana of Makawao 450 Meha Rd Makawao
Pookela Paradise 1115 Pookela Rd Kula
sugar cane in Maui

The Best Sunrise at Haleakala

There are many great B&Bs around UpCountry Maui.
If you know of one you think should be listed here listed here, or spot an obvious error, write and share it with us so we can help travelers have a better experience.