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The Maui B&B Guide!

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on Maui's East Side!

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Maui perfectly fits most people's idea of Paradise. Sunny beaches. Tropical forests. Flowers and waterfalls. Mountains and waves. The land of Aloha. Maui.

Bed & Breakfast Inns, and Vacation Rentals in Hana...

are one of the best options when it comes to a relaxing and memorable vacation experience. The Maui B&B Guide is the best place to find a fully licensed Inn that you can be assured will provide you the very best accommodations for your vacation.

Hana, Maui
As every tourist, and would-be tourist, knows... Hana is a must-see destination. Certainly a visit to Maui would not be complete without experiencing Hana, Maui's East side and the road that takes you there. The peaceful jungles, severe rocky coastline, constantly abundant flowers all combine, with the rest of East Maui, to create a most delightful and magical experience. If you have a little extra time, then spending a night or two out this way is a surefire way to restore tranquility to your soul. Just don't try to rush the road...

Maui's Magical East Coast

Hana & Maui's East Side

Hana <> Waianapanapa <> 7 Sacred Pools

Bed & Breakfast Rentals
Maui's Magical East Side
Ke'anae, Nahiku, Hana and Kipahulu.

Bed & Breakfast Inn
Updated April 2018
Ala Aina Ocean Vista 39795 Hana Hwy Kipahulu
Anya's House 41049 Hana Hwy Hana
Bamboo Inn 4869 Uakea Rd Hana
Entabeni Cottage 370 Hana Hwy Hana
Hana by the Bay B&B 4888 Uakea Rd Hana
Hana GardenRoom 255 Kalo Rd Hana
Kalo O'Hana 130 Kalo Rd. Hana
Papalani B&B 6900 Hana Hy Hana
Woessner, Kaualani 4826 Uakea Rd Hana

Updated April 2018

Vacation Rentals
on Maui's Hidden and Rainy Side
Ke'anae, Nahiku, Hana and Kipahulu

Vacation Rental Inn
Hana's Heaven
355 Waiohonu Rd. Hana
Hale Noa
175 Ulaino Rd. Hana
Hana Gardenland
65 Kalo Rd. Hana
Hana Beach House
4975 Uakea Rd. Hana
Hana Oceanfront
522 Haneoo Rd. Hana
Hana Ocean Palms
6891 Hana Hwy. Hana
Hana Bay View
4875 Hana Hwy. Hana
Hale Heavenly Hana
2925 Hana Hwy. Hana
Hamoa Bay House & Bungalow
6463 Hana Hwy. Hana
Hamoa Beach House
485 Haneoo Rd. Hana
Guesthouses at Malan
6776 Hana Hwy. Hana
Hana Country Cottage
46852 Hana Hwy. Hana
Fisher's Hana Hale
4816 Uakea Rd. Hana
Hana Beachfront Hale
140 Waikoloa Rd. Hana
Hana's Tradewind Cottage 143 Alaele Pl Hana
Ekena 290 Kalo Rd Hana
Koali Ranch Cottage 46014 Hana Hwy Hana
Luana Cottage
36 Wainapanapa Rd. Hana

The Wonderful 7 Sacred Pools in Kipahulu

There are many great eateries around Maui.
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