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The Maui B&B Guide!

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While we do a wide range of website services, we have learned how you can get the biggest result for the least cost and effort. We offer a basic S.E.O. starter package where we analyze your presence on the internet. Are you even find-able? Trying to compete for such phrases as "Maui Bed and Breakfast" or "Maui Vacation Rental" is a difficult and expensive goal requiring a great deal of professional attention; yet making your business discover-able to potential tourists who have heard of you first, is without doubt, an absolute necessity. I see many B&Bs not taking even the minimum steps to establish some basic internet presence. Sure, starting and running a business leaves next to no time for many things, but we can get you find-able with your photos and your message in a few days and for just a few hundred dollars.

If you already have a website: Short of entering the major competition, you can have us do S.E.O. for your business. A website has become a truly mind boggling device in its complexity. Expecting that website designer artists will understand and relate to incredibly important coding details is probably asking too much. We prefer to focus on the technical aspects of website code and technical details in how to best broadcast your message.

We can do one time analysis reporting on what needs improved in your html coding and/or your online listings. Our report highlights the errors with suggestions on how to fix them.

Beyond technical coding issues, our first priority is working with you to focus your business message to better broadcast business overall. When this we will be able to use your website and the internet overall, to garner the attention that you know your business deserves.

This is much too wide of a topic to attempt to lump each business into packages. Just how far do you want to go? Just how willing are you to do what it takes to be on page one for "Maui Bed and Breakfast"? What are you striving for right now and in the long run. Much of S.E.O. in a business is a long game. Does it really help to a bright burning fire for a few months if you then fall out of the search results? Maybe, but probably you want to play a long game too, so that what we plant today just keeps on growing for years to come.

Ultimately, we must understand your business needs and goals before we can accurately quote premium S.E.O. services. Lets talk. Remember, we offer ways to promote your business from the free, quick and easy listings service on up to highly involved Internet Optimization designed to make you win the competition.