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The Maui B&B Guide!

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Find Your Vacation Paradise in Haiku
on Maui's North Coast!

Maui perfectly fits most people's idea of Paradise. Sunny beaches. Tropical forests. Flowers and waterfalls. Mountains and waves. The land of Aloha. Maui.

Bed & Breakfast Inns, and Vacation Rentals, on Maui's North Coast...

are one of the best options when it comes to a relaxing and memorable vacation experience. This Maui B&B Guide is the best place to find a fully licensed, trust-worthy Inn that you can be assured will provide you the very best accommodations for your vacation.

Without doubt the biggest of the humongous waves happen out at "Jaws"; still you really should take note that the road down to the coast, near Jaws, is not accessible with your rental car. It is a long and usually hot (or quite wet) hike out there. AND, again please note, once you get there the views are not really all that fabulous (all things considered) as the monsters are just too far out there to see well. The best views you will find of the Big Waves, that you can get to easily anyway, is found at Ho'okipa. However, if you don't believe me, you can always hit this park on the way back... assuming you don't go all the way around (a temptation you will find hard to resist once you get to the end of the paved road out past Kipahulu). So stop in Ho'okipa on the way out, take a couple of minutes break, and enjoy gazing at the Pacific for awhile. From here you leave the beaches and sugarcane moving up into the pineapple and jungle lands of Haiku, Pauwela and eventually Huelo. If you love jungle, and a bit of rain does not annoy you, then you will likely find this area of Maui to be just what you are looking for. There are few days that rain does not fall in this area and it creates a fresh, super-alive atmosphere of lush green growth.

Maui's Fabulous North Coast Region

Great Vacation Rentals on Maui's North Shore

Pauwela <> Haiku <> Huelo

Bed & Breakfast Rentals
Maui's Impressive North Shore
Haiku, Pauwela, Huelo
and along the Hana Hwy

Bed & Breakfast Inn
Updated April 2018
Maui Ocean Breezes 240 Holokai RdHaiku
Bamboo Valley B&B144 W Kuiaha RdHaiku
Haiku Anuenue 540 Kaiapa Pl.Haiku
Haiku Cannery Inn 1061 Kokomo Rd.Haiku
Haiku Plantation Inn 555 Haiku Rd.Haiku
Haiku Surf Cottage 774 Kihau Pl.Haiku
Hale Kokomo 2719 Kokomo Rd.Haiku
Hale Mauka Makai 279 Pauwela Rd Haiku
Ho'okipa Bayview Cottage 1250 Kauikoa RdHaiku
Huelo Point Lookout 222 Door of Faith Rd Huelo
Kahua O Mali'o 610 Huelo Rd Huelo
Maile Bungalow2582 Alohia PlHaiku
Haiku Makai266 N Holokai RdHaiku
Maui Trade Winds 4320 Une Pl.Haiku
Pilialoha Cottage 2512 Kaupakalua Rd.Haiku
Iolani Cottage B&B 160 Piialii PlaceHaiku
Ualani Farm B&B 698 Kaupakalua Rd Haiku
Bamboo Heaven Maui 707 Kauhikoa Rd. Haiku
Dragonfly Cottage 1075 Nanihoku Pl.Haiku
Lilikoi Lani Farm 2456 Kaupakalua Rd.Haiku
Haiku Guesthouse 905 Kokomo Rd.Haiku
Ho'okipa Hideaway 1765 Haiku Rd.Haiku
Lucy Fan Ohana 44 Kahope Pl.Haiku
Mana Aina Vacations 595 E. Kuiaha Rd.Haiku
The Art Estate 25 Oluolumau Pl.Haiku
HoloMakai 165 N. Holokai Rd.Haiku
Kili Studio 865 Kili Pl.Haiku
Pineapple Cottage 1340 Kauhikoa Rd.Haiku
North Shore Ocean View 214 Kaokoa WayHaiku
Villa Maui 1821 Haiku Rd.Haiku
Little Piece of Paradise 1055 Upper Ulumalu Rd.Haiku
Maui Adventure Villa 190 Kaokoa WayHaiku
Haiku Garden Cottage 1089 Nanihoku PlHaiku
Ho'okipa Rose 285 Pauwela RdHaiku
Hale Leialoha B&B1539 Hog Back RdHaiku
Stott B&B195 Apuwai StHaiku

Vacation Rentals
An ideal family option for Alternative Lodging in Haiku and Pauwela Maui.

Vacation Rentals
Maui Chalet 45 Waipio Rd Haiku
Hale Pola'i75 Piialii StHaiku
Sacred Garden Retreat (TVR) 470 Kaluanui RdHaiku
Kulike 380 Kulike Rd Haiku
Haiku Nani 1640 W Kuiaha RdHaiku
Pililani 110 Kane Rd Haiku
Leilani 2590 Alohia PlHaiku
Pinnacle Inn 2356 Umi PlHaiku
Haiku Malu Estate 1555 W Kuiaha RdHaiku
Kiralani 2344 Umi Pl Haiku
Hale Mali'o 2550 Kaupakalua Rd Haiku
Hale Aka'ula 311 Waiama Haiku
Seaview 295 Waiama Way Haiku
Hale Hiluhilu 910 E Kuiaha Rd Haiku
Hunter Hales24 Hunter LaneHaiku
Ho'olawa565 Hoolawa RdHaiku
Haiku Maui Cottage765 Haiku RdHaiku
Vintage Voyager10 Koikoi PlHaiku
Hale Roselani3232 Luahine PlHaiku
Pali Uli Gardens150 Door of Faith RdHaiku

Big Waves at 'Jaws'

There are many great B&Bs around The North Coast of Maui.
If you know of one you think should be listed here listed here, or spot an obvious error, write and share it with us so we can help travelers have a better experience.