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Lahaina is a tropical fantasy town right on the ocean.

Sunny beaches. Mango trees. Flowers, pineapple and sugarcane. Nearby island views, surfing, snorkeling, and waves.

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The Ever Popular West Maui

On the South Western side of Maui, with gorgeous views of Molokai and Lanai, is the famous and fabulous historic whaling town of Lahaina. On the drive to the West side of Maui you will be treated to spectacular views of Lanai and Molokai islands not far off the shore. After driving across the 'pali', or ocean-side cliffs with several pull-offs that regularly sport views of breaching Humpback Whales or dolphins.

You then descend into the Oluwalu plain with long beaches, gentle waves and Keawe forest. Choose a beach and take a break! From Oluwalu town, with a little store and French Restaurant, you only have about 7 minutes till Lahaina.

Lahaina is going to take some time to drive through, so if your B&B is in Ka'anapali or beyond, just stay on the main drag through town.

There are some nice little beach parks between Lahaina and Ka'anapali, though certainly not the nicest beaches around this park is at least convenient. Beyond this you drive for some miles through highly manicured, and gorgeous, landscapes through resort area after another on till you get to Kapalua. There are beach roads through this area and, if you are not in a hurry, it is worth the detour if you are also seeking fabulous beaches in which to play.

For those of you who, like myself, get tempted to take the "short cut" on around the north end of the island... Don't! It not only actually takes much longer, but it may also take a few years off your life! Too many people, who live out here, drive BIG trucks much too fast, on a road that is much too often, not wide enough for your car too! While it is true that there are some great hikes out here, as well as many fabulous views, I highly and quite sincerely suggest that you put this area low on your list. There is just so much of Maui to see and experience that you will have to stay here quite awhile, to find yourself bored enough, to justify a drive on this road. Anyway you have been warned.

Lahaina, Ka'anapali, Kapalua and Napili on Maui's Glorious West Side

The West Shore Beaches

Lahaina | Ka'anapali | Kanaha | Honokowai | Kapalua

Ka'anapali, Kanaha and Napili are other small towns in the Lahaina Area. There are resorts all along the coast between Lahaina all the way to Napili. Simply amazing views to be seen especially during sunset which is always breath-taking.

Oluwalu <> Lahaina & Beyond

The beaches in West Maui range from rocky to spectacular. Oluwalu area beaches are popular for a variety of reasons. The location is great in that, if you stay on this side, there are miles of beaches on your way out and then again on the way back. And as you can drive right up to the beach at most of them, it is an easy place to take in another quick swim on your way.

Out beyond Ka'anapali there are many gorgeous soft, white sand beaches, though some of the best are difficult to access as they are in front of a resort. Still, with easy public access, you will find many coves and beaches along the way to Kapalua where Fleming Beach Park is certainly worth a stop.

Maui's Ever Popular West Side

Lahaina <> Kapalua <> Napili

Bed & Breakfast Rentals
Maui's Popular West Side

Bed & Breakfast Inn
Updated November 2017
Ho'oilo House 138 Awaiku St Lahaina
Maui Beach 4780 Lower Honoapiilani Rd Lahaina
The Maui Home B&B 1143 Front St Lahaina
Hale Amakihi 212 Plantation Club Dr Lahaina
Old Lahaina House 407 Ilikahi St Lahaina
Wai Ola Vac Paradise 1565 Kuuipo St Lahaina
The Ilikahi 4411 Ilikahi St Lahaina
House of Fountains 1579 Lokia St Lahaina
Moana Lani 1440 Front St Lahaina
Royal Shores B&B 2806 Kolepa Pl Lahaina
Charis House 1579 Lokia St Lahaina
Hale Ho'omaha 452 O'hia Dr Lanai Island
Kahakan Hale 10 Hooulu Pl Kaunakakai, Molokai Island
Kahana Nui Villas 4591 Lower Honoapiilani Rd. Lahaina
Dunbar Beachfront Cottages Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island
Horizon of Gold 114 Keoawa St. Lahaina

Vacation Rental Homes
An ideal family option for Alternative Lodging in Hana and Kipahulu Maui

Vacation Rental Home
Maui Sandy Beach 409 Front St Lahaina
Baby Beach Hale 21 Kai Pali Pl Lahaina
No Ka Oi Hale 29 Kamaka Ci Lahaina
Troy & Susan McCasland 451 Ilikahi St Lahaina
Turtle Beach 1421 Front St Lahaina
Lahaina Baby Beach 10 Kai Pali Pl Lahaina
Lahaina Ocean Front 1007 Front St Lahaina
Stephen B. Graham Home Rental 4039 Lower Honoapiilani Rd Lahaina
B J Ohana 5157 Lower Honoapiilani Rd Lahaina
Opal Seas at Baby Beach 41 Kai Pali Pl Lahaina
Hale Kohala 2810 Kolepa Pl Lahaina
Alii Hale 1015 Front St Lahaina
Princess Hale 1023 Front St Lahaina
Makila Plantation Homakila Plantation Home 88 S Lauhoe Pl Lahaina
Hale Alaula 15 Papaua PlLahaina
Hale O Ka Honu 20 Papaua PlLahaina
Lahaina Animal Farm 108 S Lauhoe PlLahaina
Kalapana 15 E Huapala PlLahaina
Blue Sky Villa 321 Front StLahaina
Hale Evans 16 Holomakani PlLahaina
Kai Pali 35 Kai Pali PlLahaina
Woodrose Place 112 Woodrose PlLahaina
Silversword 622 Silversword DrLahaina
Angelia Crim 147 Halelo StLahaina
Lahaina Pink Villa 1327 Keao StLahaina
Rainbow Hale Estate 275 Oka Kope StLahaina
Kaanapali Hale 129 Halelo StLahaina
Makena Aloha 89 Awaiku StLahaina
Paradise Miles Away 1206 Summer RdLahaina
Lahaina Historic 208 Lahainaluna RdLahaina
Maui Dream House 5029 Lower Honoapiilani RdLahaina
Serene Napili Hale 5150 Lower Honoapiilani RdLahaina
Holomakani Retreat 34 Holomakani PlLahaina
Napili Sunset Hale 5205 L Honoapiilani HwyLahaina
Icc-cottages 2750 Kalapu DrLahaina
Hekili Point 11485 Honoapiilani Hwy.Lahaina
Pacific View 78 N. Lauhoe Pl.Lahaina
Pau'ole Makai 295 Awaiku St.Lahaina
International Colony Club 2750 Kalapu DrLahaina
A Slice of Heaven 1051 Front StLahaina
Restful Retreat 24 S. Lauhoe PlLahaina
Lahaina Green Villa 328 Front StLahaina
Michael McNeill 2827 Kolepa PlLahaina
Kahana Beach House 40 Kolepa PlLahaina
Lahaina Ocean View 5029 Lower Honoapiilani RdLahaina
Barrell House 1199 Front StLahaina
Lahaina Oceanfront 1423 Front StLahaina
Ka'anapali Royal 2760 Kolepa PlLahaina
Napili Hale 5460 L Honoapiilani HwyLahaina
Chris Smith 106 Halelo StLahaina
Summit Residence at Kaanapali 41 Holomakani RlLahaina
Lanai Island | Lanai City
The Pink House 1101 Palawai St Lanai City
Mauka Hale 928 Houston St. Lanai City
Hale O'hana 1344 Fraser Ave Lanai City
Dreams Come True 1168 Lanai Ave Lanai City
John Holland 534 Fraser Ave Lanai City
The Artists House 1243 Queens St Lanai City
Lanai Oasis 524 Fifth St Lanai City
Jasmine House 1215 Jasmine Dr Lanai City
Happy Campers Hale 317 Houston St Lanai City
Nani Street 521 Nani St Lanai City
Casa Lanai 924 Queens St Lanai City
Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
L and M Yuknis 10366 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Happy House 2180 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Aala Rental 2708 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Kupeke Beach House 9056 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Aloha Ho'okipa 10456 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Perell Ranch 4812 Pohakuloa Rd Molokai Island | Maunaloa
Kimo Hale 226 Kahinani Pl Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Mother Ocean 2820 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Hale Kainalu 9650 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Ho'omaka House 85 Papapa Pl Molokai Island | Maunaloa
Lanikai 10464 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Kainehe 8714 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Pukoo Plantation 8780 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Hale Hiamoe 2955 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Hale Puu Koae 75 Papapa Pl Molokai Island | Maunaloa
Fishpond Cottages 1124 Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Hale O Ke Kai 1136Kamehameha V Hwy Molokai Island | Kaunakakai
Papohaku Beach House 2944 Kalua Koi Rd Molokai Island | Maunaloa
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