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S.E.O., Hosting, SSL Certificates. Your websites must have all three!

You already host your website somewhere or else no one could see it. When hosting, you have an option to upgrade to SSL which website visitors insist on now. It seems that everyone, everywhere, highly recommends that you make this change to secured hosting.

  • Secure hosting with SSL: $170/yr
  • Standard unsecured hosting: $85/yr

It can seem expensive considering what you currently pay for hosting, so your caution is understandable; and to be clear it will cost twice as much as non-secure hosting. However you get the certificate and the hosting together which is something. Also its true that one can reasonably argue, that it is not really necessary for websites which do not collect credit card information, to make this change.
ssl security

While I can almost agree with that argument, here is the bottom line for any B&B getting business online: That pesky notice of security in the address bar!
ssl security

Awareness of this notice and the accompanying 'lock' symbol, is increasing constantly. Quite possibly most web surfers refuse to even visit websites that are labeled a security risk these days. And, for a fairly good reason too.

In September, 2018 Google again (their constant message for many years now) had this to say about SSL Certification:

"HTTPS helps prevent intruders from tampering with the communications between your websites and your users’ browsers. Intruders include intentionally malicious attackers, and legitimate but intrusive companies, such as ISPs or hotels that inject ads into pages.

Intruders exploit unprotected communications to trick your users into giving up sensitive information or installing malware, or to insert their own advertisements into your resources. For example, some third parties inject advertisements into websites that potentially break user experiences and create security vulnerabilities.

Intruders exploit every unprotected resource that travels between your websites and your users. Images, cookies, scripts, HTML … they’re all exploitable. Intrusions can occur at any point in the network, including a user’s machine, a Wi-Fi hot-spot, or a compromised ISP, just to name a few." - Google Developers

If your website is NOT secure then you expose your viewers to intruders. Seems slightly abusive, and as more and more people understand this, un-secured websites will receive a continually dwindling supply of visitors.

Is that disturbing? It should be. Take your own informal survey of customers visiting (or rather who used to visit) your website. Does the insecure notice in the address bar deter them from visiting your website? Does the notice deter you from visiting someone else's websites online? You can secure yours for $170/year plus a single $95 setup fee.

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What is the cheapest, easiest way to get this done and behind you?

Although we do host the old insecure style, we recommend and only offer, an SSL Certificate together with Hosting. Both together cost $170/year. Installing an SSL Certificate is a bit time consuming even if you know what you are doing, and ridiculous if you don't. We require a one time setup fee of $95. (While it is far from impossible to set this up yourself, I expect that you will wish you paid someone else to do it by the end.) The certificate this provides stays with your domain; it is renewable forever - never needing another setup even if you move your website later, the SSL will follow the domain. We cover any problems encountered during setup or changes your wish to make later. We also provide regular monitoring to assess validity.

Hosting and SSL Certificate Package:

  • Host your un-secured (httP) website with us for just $85/year
  • Host your current website with SSL Security: Just $170/year
  • One-time setup fee for SSL (not needed for standard HTTP): $95

S.E.O. | Website Analysis | Directories | Reviews

  • $295/mo (6 month minimum)

Use S.E.O. to optimize your online business presence

Your business appears online in many places, with and without your approval. It is hugely important to analyze how you are viewed already, at least in the places your potential customers might look. What we want is a clear and consistent message, such as address details, that match! This send a strong signal that search engines feel confident ranking well. If your business is listed differently across the web, as is almost always the case, then so much of your message just turns into noise benefiting nobody. Let us straighten it out and insure that your message and details are strong and true bringing the customers who want YOU. This is the best way to make us all happy.

We first analyze your website to discover and/or unify your business message. If Google is uncertain of your message, how can they place it in the top search results?

Here is our S.E.O. offer:

We want all of our customers to start with a 6 month minimum program ($295/mo) wherein we:

  • Analyze your current website for the big mistakes. The little ones are for stage two or three if you need to go there
  • Analyze your online presence in the two major search engines Google and Bing
  • Create or optimize 2 social media business accounts, one each in Facebook and Google plus
  • We create business accounts for you in Google, Bing and Apple
  • Listing your business in appropriate directories will provide a huge, enduring boost overall. We list you correctly in at least 6 appropriate directories
  • Assure that your reviews in all of the platforms above are attended to
  • Monitor and respond to Google Analytics for your business
  • We send you monthly summaries of our work including reports from Google Analytics and our overall progress

Use the form, or just write if you want, to notify us of your interest in improving your website.

This form could prove difficult without a Google account. It works just as well to send us an email us at: Just tell us who you are and your B&B if appropriate.

I find it sad how often I run across websites that are suffering hugely from tiny mistakes. Yet it can be daunting to understand even the basic rules of S.E.O. (it didn't used to be so complicated). One client of mine had a robtos.txt file that excluded his main content. Do you know about your robots.txt file? You may well know of it but maybe you don't. It can and does direct search engines to which content you want them to see. A mistake here halts any chance of showing up in the results at all.

Of course most errors are not so simple, so it really is imperative that you get some professional analysis of your site, even if you want to try and attack all the improvements by yourself.

There are many great BnBs around Maui.
If you know of one or recommend a shop, artist or activity which you think should be listed here listed here, write and share it with us so we can help travelers have a better experience.